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Marketing & Growth Solutions For Oklahoma Cannabis Processors


We provide marketing solutions that enable top shelf cannabis processors to grow smarter and more efficiently.

Ready to take your processing company to the next level?

We’re the catalyst to make it happen.

Processors are our primary focus and also who stand to reap the greatest potential rewards as a result of their involvement with Canna Solutions (particularly if you have a professional operation and are in Oklahoma). 

Our understanding of B2B sales, marketing, and business development proves itself extremely valuable to processors at the top of the Oklahoma production food chain.

We have established an opt-in list consisting of several hundred dispensary owners and our newsletter open rates are as high as 50% (absolutely unheard of in most cases/industries).  We have a captive audience and are able to utilize that to strategically position high-quality brands.  We have already helped one of our processor clients obtain 50 buying dispensary clients within about two months, using this resource alone. 

While there are services we can offer to processors across the USA (web design and SEO services), we are not interested in promoting just any company through our newsletter.  We need to be able to vouch for any company we choose to work with. 

Schedule a free 30 minute strategy call, below. 

Social Media Management & Ad Management

Keep your business actively engaged with patients by providing relevant and valuable content. 


Optimize Your Workflow

Eliminate redundancies while saving time and money with outsourced sales efforts. 

Our objective is to make your life easier and we are prepared to come up with solutions that are a good fit for the unique strengths of your company. 

Save Time, Minimize Risk, & Sell More Product

We have the experience, resources, and industry contacts you need to sell more product without having to risk losing your money to theft or having it leave your sight at all. 

Professional Product Presentation Design

You only get one chance to make a good first impression.  Fortunately, with our portfolio and packaging design services, we can potentially help from product strategy & product design through the creation of your product portfolio.  Not only can we help you create quality packaging, product ideas, market research, and design but we can also help you sell & strategically showcase your products, too. 

Strategic Dispensary Outreach & Grower Partnerships

One of our priorities in the Oklahoma cannabis industry is to use our client base to help facilitate strategic partnerships.  

Why Work With Canna Solutions to Grow My Cannabis Product Brand?

Attract New Retailers

We can help you develop and implement a growth strategy which is suited for your business’s production capacity, industry objectives, and current situation.  

 We can help you create, design, package, display, and market your extracts, vape carts, and edibles in a way that grows as your business expands.

We don’t work with everybody, though.  In order to see if you might be a good fit, schedule a free, 30 minute strategy call.

Simplify Your Life

We helped one of our processor clients obtain over 50 dispensary retailers within about 60 days, using our marketing, outreach, design assets, and recommendations. 

By having repeat business from dispensaries taken care of, you will have more time to focus on taking care of your business.

We make the process easy, headache-free, and hassle free. 

Grow Smarter

Every situation is different and must be treated accordingly.  Our first step is to learn more about where your business currently stands, evaluate that situation, and direction, based upon our previous successes, will follow. 

Maybe you’re just looking to grow your client base without having to hire salespeople.  Or maybe your goal is to sell your products in every county of the state and you need an outreach solution to facilitate sales. Either way, we can help!

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