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Guaranteed LOCAL SEO for Cannabis Dispensaries


When it comes to optimizing your dispensary’s ranking and visibility on Google and everywhere else customers are looking for you, we have the experience, resources, and track record you need to increase your search engine ranking and sales.


We also stand behind our services with a money-back gaurantee.


Also, please note that some of the details about services included have been excluded from the tables below.  We have a very powerful proprietary system that has been proven time and time again.   

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One Location Pricing

The pricing below is designed to give you a ballpark idea of how much you can expect for high-quality Local SEO for dispensaries.  The truth is, however, that every situation and market is different and will require more or less of different things.  Your business isn’t cookie cutter and neither are our services.   

Multi-Location Pricing

Local SEO for multiple-location dispensaries (and other local businesses) is our bread and butter.  This is where we really stand out from other cannabis SEO services on the market, and we have the track record (with real results printed directly from our client’s CRM) to prove it. 

To learn more about pricing for multiple locations, please click or tap the button for the free case study, below. 

Ninja Services

Some of our additional SEO services have been intentionally excluded from the tables above.  We have done this to keep away the vultures. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dispensary SEO?

Dispensary search engine optimization (or SEO) is a strategy used to demonstrate authority and trustworthiness to Google and other areas where your customers and patients are looking for your marijuana products.  As a result of doing this properly, your rankings for various keyword search terms will be improved, making your business increasingly visible and in turn, boosting your sales and revenue.  

Check out this free local SEO cannabis case study to learn more!

Do you require contracts?

No! Hire us for the services specified and our arrangments are monthly.  Please just keep in mind that our local SEO services are an organic method of building traffic and positioning your business in front of customers and patients who are looking to make purchases right now.  All good things take time but we make an amazing thing take as very little time as possible. 

What types of cannabis businesses does this make the most sense for?

Our marijuana dispensary SEO packages are designed for marijuana retailers, cannabis companies, CBD retailers, local marijuana companies, and more – from any state in the USA.  These particular local SEO services are designed for businesses that sell to consumers.  

If you are looking for cannabis SEO services for your cannabis product brand or state/nationwide offering, check out our cannabis SEO pricing

What is the minimum amount of time before I will see results?

This will greatly depend on your market, target audience, current website, current social media exposure and more.  I most cases, we see an increase in foot traffic, website traffic, and Google My Business traffic within the first couple weeks.