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Local SEO Services

Our Local SEO services enable dispensaries, doctors, and other ancillary local businesses to drive more organic, local traffic from Google, Bing, and other major search engines.

Grow Your Business Organically 

What is Local SEO?

 natLocal SEO, or search engine optimization, is about maximizing your exposure on search engines, in order to ensure as many potential customers as possible are able to find you when they are looking for your products or services.

For instance, if you own a dispensary, medical marijuana recommendation practice, or any other kind of ancillary business in which you rely on foot traffic from local customers to support your business, optimizing your search engine presence is about making sure those customers are seeing your business before they see other businesses, as consistently and as frequently as possible.

On the other hand, if you do not require local traffic, and you process/manufacture CBD products nationwide, for example, local SEO would still be an important component of your overall search engine marketing strategy, but our cannabis SEO services would be better suited for this specific purpose.   

Covering the Most Important Bases

How Does Local SEO Work?

Since Google is the the go-to search engine for the majority of humans out there, the primary objective when it comes to your positioning on Google should be to have your business appear in the top 3 local positions (ideally #1) when customers are searching for your products/services near you.

And while Google’s local search ranking algorithm is technically proprietary, there are companies that dedicate their lives to figuring it out as close as they possibly can.  We base our work off of those findings.

Essentially, there are a variety of factors involved when it comes to determining Google’s local SEO rankings, and it all starts with a well-optimized website.  

Everything on your website is referred to as on-page SEO. Everything that needs to take place outside of your website is refereed to as off-page SEO.  

Reputation Management

In order to dominate the rankings you are going to need a system of collecting positive reviews from real customers.  We have you covered! 

Directory Citations

When it comes to optimizing your search engine presence across the web, consistency is absolutely crucial.  We help you get listed in all of the right places, consistently and in a way that the search engines love. 


Search Engine Listing Audit

One very important component of local SEO involves strategically completing your search engine listings/profiles with custom descriptions, titles, images, etc…  We make sure our clients get the most out of their profiles and that they are displayed optimally. 


One of the primary considerations when it comes to the determination of the local search engine rankings is the trustworthiness of your website.  One of the primary determining considerations here is in the quality of the backlinks you have pointing to your website.

Web Design

Having a professionally-designed, custom website for your cannabis business is an essential component of all of this.  We have many happy references which you are more than welcome to speak with about our work (and plenty of projects you are welcome to check out). 

Why Local SEO Services From Canna Solutions?

Proven Results

Our track record is solid and you are more than welcome to speak with any of our clients.  Prior to specializing in the cannabis industry, we grew one of our multi-location vape shop client’s businesses by nearly 300% within the first 12 months of managing their local SEO. 

If we are uncertain about the results we are capable of producing in your specific situation, we will not be working with you, period.   

You can check out some of our work in other industries by checking out FogPusher

100% Money BAck Guarantee

Our efforts will increase your organic search traffic, no doubt about it.  

If for some wild reason that were to not happen, or it were to not happen in a way that you were satisfied with, we will give you a 100% money back refund.

Most situations will take some time but we stand behind this 100%.  

PS: We have never been involved in local SEO work that was less than satisfactory – ever. 


Weekly Reports

We will provide you with live ranking and activity reports for your business, which will keep you up to date on everything we are doing for your business and how that is translating into your rankings and search engine traffic generation. 

We feel very strongly about being transparent with our clients and this is just one of the ways we ease your mind and let you know where we are at with your work and how that translates into traffic. 


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Some of Our Happy Clients

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