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Cannabis SEO Pricing


When it comes to optimizing your ranking and visibility on Google and beyond, we have the experience, resources, and customized game plans you need to increase your search engine ranking and sales. 


Some of our additional SEO services are not included on these lists and are available separately. 

Needing a custom solution or ready to chat about what all we can do for your cannabrand?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cannabis SEO?

Cannabis search engine optmization (or SEO) is a strategy which combines a variety of approaches in a way that creates authority and trust with Google and other search engines, making your business increasingly visible to the people who are looking for your products right now (when done correctly). 

Do you require contracts?

No! Our arrangments are monthly and you may cancel at any time as long as you provide a 15 day notice. 

Please just keep in mind that SEO is an organic method of building traffic and producing results and, while improvements will be seen within the first couple of weeks, major shifts take place after 3-6 months of dedicated efforts.  

What types of cannabis businesses does this make the most sense for?

Our cannabis SEO packages are designed for growers, processors, CBD companies, marijuana companies, and more – from any state in the USA.  

What is the minimum amount of time before I will see results?

This will greatly depend on your product, market, target audience, current website, current social media exposure and more. 

There isn’t a great blanket answer to this question.  If you would like a more personalized assessment, please schedule a strategy call.