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In a world where every modern human being with a pulse utilizing search engines to find everything, search engine optimization is king. 


Canna Solutions specializes in delivering ROI-positive, technology-driven, sales, SEO and inbound marketing solutions for cannabis industry leaders.  


It’s only a matter of time before interstate commerce becomes an option and the flood gates open wide. 


If your intent is to lead the market, our intent is to find you and make it happen.   This isn’t our first market domination rodeo, but it will likely be the biggest. 

 Are you ready?

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Inbound Marijuana Marketing 

We’re aware that ‘traditional marketing efforts’ will not cut it when it comes to building a successful cannabrand.   

We also know that as the cannabis industry explodes in the months ahead, you are going to need to differentiate yourself from all of the other companies out there.

And that is exactly where we can help.

Our cannabis SEO solutions harness the power of traditional search engine optimization and combine them with market-leading inbound marketing strategies to establish a turn-key inbound cannabis sales system.  

We create an integrated brand experience through every phase of your customer’s journey (businesses, patients, and/or all of the above). 


Whether you’re a small startup or a large established corporation, offer a product or service, hemp or marijuana, CBD or THC, medical or recreational, oils, edibles, capsules, inhalants etc… if it’s cannabis related, we’re here to help! Our passion is building powerful inbound marketing programs that turn browsers into loyal brand ambassadors. And as a HubSpot partner, we’ve got all of the whiz-bang tools to help you reach your marketing and sales goals.


Canna Solutions manages a team of highly experienced, pro-cannabis, strategic partners and manages the orchestration of all of the various components necessary to complete the bigger picture.  

This allows us to offer you a comprehensive range of inbound marketing services quickly and painlessly. Clients like our virtual model because our rates are highly competitive, freeing up more dollars for marketing efforts or for your bottom line.

Social Media Management & Ad Management

We can keep your business actively engaged with patients by providing relevant and valuable content. 


Web Design

SEO, mobile friendly web solutions for dispensaries, processors, growers, doctors, and ancillary product/service providers. 


Google My Business has the potential to be a transformative source of traffic when you put it in the right hands.  


Increase your patient engagement and ongoing communication efforts with chatbots for dispensaries.

Customer relationships and 0 CompliancE

Long-term success in the Oklahoma cannabis industry is going to require that you have the ability and resources and inventory a variety of high-quality cannabis products.  We help our clients find new suppliers and strategic partnership opportunities.   

Why would I use your services?

Transformative & Comprehensive Growth Solutions

Attract & retain Patients

Some of our dispensary solutions include custom-designed WordPress websites, search engine optimization, text marketing / CRM management, ad management, social media management, and chatbots (to name a few).

In the world of social media and search engines, patients/consumers must be engaged on the platforms where they are focusing their attention. 

We help clients produce consistent, engaging, and relevant content for the social media platforms that matter.  

Simplify Your Life

Trying to figure out which point of sale system is right for your business? 

Do you need a point of sale system and a CRM/text messaging platform or would you be better off with a single, more comprehensive solution?

We help our clients save time, money, and headaches by identifying the right solutions for their unique business.  Your business isn’t cookie-cutter and neither are we. 

Work Smarter

Maintaining a healthy Oklahoma dispensary requires a lot of hard work.  However, none of that hard work is going to pay off unless you have some nice variety to offer patients. 

Sourcing high-quality products should be a top priority for any dispensary owner looking to participate in this market for the long run. 

Benefit from our ongoing outreach and strategic supplier network. 


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